"Crazy Miner" is the first blockchain game aggregation platform in the world. It drives the ecological value with innovative games and will become the Steam of the blockchain game industry in the future.

Crazy miner game platform is committed to becoming the steam of blockchain game industry, and will adopt open operation means. After the platform is officially launched, it will open API interface to global developers, and integrate traditional games and blockchain games into the ecosystem. For developers, crazy miner can realize low-cost game operation and use the huge player resources in the platform; for players, crazy miner provides an entry into the blockchain game world, which only needs to register an account to experience all the games.

The core components of crazy miner platform include a set of blockchain game token transformation SDK, a trading center of token game assets, a set of decentralized game distribution mechanism, and a token economic system designed around the platform token case and all kinds of game tokens.

Martin Wei
Chinese American, Ph.D. in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of technology, former senior product manager of Google, activist of encryption community in Silicon Valley, early investor of bitcoin and Ethereum, has founded mobile game platform, with users covering dozens of countries and regions around the world. It has rich industry resources and a wide range of contacts in the field of science and technology and investment, and has experience in Entrepreneurship and management of operation projects.
Williams LEE
Chinese-American, Doctor of Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. He has worked in DELL, Facebook and Amazon successively. He has more than 10 years'experience in software development. Later, he jointly founded Block Chain Technology Research and Development Company in the United States to expand the global Block Chain technology business. He has served as a technical consultant for several Block Chain projects, and is also the core of many well-known open source projects in Github. Sender, with rich experience in Internet and block chain industry technology research and development.
Kevin Chou
Chinese American, Doctor of Stanford University, Master of Georgia Institute of Technology, Senior Software Engineer, Distributed Systems Expert. He worked as R&D director for Blizzard Game and has nearly 10 years experience in design and R&D in the game industry. Since 2017, he has been involved in the field of block chains, and has participated heavily in the research and development of several block chains game projects.
2018 Q4
"Crazy Miners" product project, complete the core team and organizational structure of the project.
2019 Q1
Market research is carried out for block chain and game industry, market positioning and development direction of "Crazy Miners" game platform are established, overall technology, functional framework and implementation mode of the platform are designed, and research and development are started.
2019 Q2
Complete the basic framework of the platform; complete the design and development of C3 game board.
2019 Q3
Bate version of "Crazy Miners" is on line. Invitation-based internal testing is carried out for game hall and C3 game board. Functional repair and update are completed for feedback from users of internal testing.
2019 Q4
"Crazy Miners" platform passes CAME on the mainstream digital currency exchange, the formal version of APP on the line, design, develop and online a number of CAME-based block chain games, open platform API to global developers.
2020 Q1
Open the first global whitelist of developers to help high-quality developers access the Block Chain game products to the "Crazy Miners" platform, and all CAME holders will enjoy the game bonus.
2020 Q2
Fifty digital money exchanges have been launched to conduct project roadshows and developer conferences around the world, and to set up "crazy miners" market operation centers in many places to expand the platform's global influence.
2020 Q3
In-depth cooperation with well-known traditional game manufacturers, some traditional games will be integrated into the platform, to achieve the game assets licensing and on-line product operation.
2020 Q4
Through improving the developer ecology and realizing the industrialization operation, the CAME Block Chain Game Fund has been set up with the mainstream organizations of the Block Chain Industry to provide technical research and development and digital currency (CAME) support for high-quality developers.
2021 Q1
Accelerating the integration of resources of the game industry in the block chain and achieving ecological prosperity, the "Crazy Miners" team will start the main network research and development plan in time.
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